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We’re here to help you pose in the photobooth with and without props.

It can be difficult to jump into the photobooth with no preparation and have to think on your feet about what pose to do when the timer is counting down. But don’t worry, there’s only three photos and it’ll be over before you know it.

Here are our top tips for posing in the photobooth.

Go crazy: Grab whatever you can and pretend you’re the only person in the room. Forget about the duck face for this one, just do the first thing that comes to mind. Similar to the photo below, if you’re holding a sign saying “party animal” then you better act like one.

photobooth pose cork kerry

Practice makes perfect: Or in this case, practice makes picture perfect. Just before you jump into the photobooth, grab a friend or family member and practice some poses with them. You can do anything from “dabbing” to “finger guns”. You can also grab a few ideas from watching other people in the booth before you.

Get romantic: This should be an obvious one if you’re at a wedding, but could also be done by a risk taker on your corporate Christmas party. Grab someone you know and get romantic in the booth. From holding hands to a kiss on the cheek, it’s a classic and the photos will look amazing.

photobooth pose kiss

The dance moves: You don’t have to be on a dance floor to show off your dance moves. YMCA is the first that comes to mind, but you can pull Soulja Boy moves or even the classic robot.

Most importantly, just relax and have fun. Our photobooth attendant is also there to help you with your pose. If you’re really panicked, just pull three different funny faces while waving your hands in the air.


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